Blog Check In – Good News & Bad News! What to do?!

Hello my lovelies!!

While I’m sipping my tea and wondering what anime I should pick up again, I thought we could all do with a little catch up!

It’s been awhile since I checked in and actually posted something on here, it’s been so busy at work over the summer holidays that I barely got any time to myself, it really felt like I hardly had a social life at all, I even ended up covering alot of shifts due to alot of my coworkers having to self isolate due to covid19. After awhile it all started to catch up to me and days started to blend in together. I won’t say that it wasn’t stressful because it really was, I would plan something to do on my days off only to end up working again, it did give me a nice wage but it sort of came at a price and really affected my mental health, I’m okay now though, just need some rest.

ccs-sweatdropI am so glad that the school holidays are over now.

So what is the good and bad news I hear you asking, well there’s a few pieces of bad news that I wanted to share, I’ll list them down below…

  • Due to how quiet it’s gotten at the bowling center my hours have been drastically cut, which means I am at home more often now till the Christmas holidays. It’s has given me some time to catch up on some much needed housework and self care but it has also left me bored….me and boredom really don’t get along at all!
  • I have literally no idea what I want to blog about but that could be the exhaustion talking, I am very sleep deprived after pulling so many long shifts at work and need a little help with some content! (If you have any ideas please list them below!!)
  • I have alot of anime to catch up on so until I do there still won’t be any reviews, but that doesn’t mean I won’t post anything, just that it will be some time till I do.

And the good news!!!

  • Due to me being at home more often, it will also mean that How Anime Stuff Works will come out of hiatus!!!
  • It also means that I can finally concentrate on my second personal blog – The Geeky Side of Things!!
celebration-animeI don’t know what anime this is from but it looks fun!!!

And lastly….I did post this on my twitter but I FINALLY passed my probation period and am now a permanent member of the Tenpin family!!! WHOO! GO ME!!

It took awhile but I got there in the end!


There will be plenty of content coming from me in future (well once I thought up some ideas and caught up on some anime) but for today I am so going to take that much needed nap! I am hoping to atleast get something written up for Celeste’s Anime Corner for next Saturday and going back to the 100 days of Anime that I never completed, I am also hoping to post some spooky content through out October to celebrate my favorite holiday – Halloween, so far they’re the only things that came to mind at the moment! Haha!

If you want to read more stuff from me then don’t be afraid to check out my blog to read my most recent stuff, or looking below for some more posts. Also if you want to support How Anime Stuff Works, please consider buying me a KOFI, you can even show your support by liking or sharing this page!!!

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