[3] And His Name Is Death.

“Anyone who sees me has a date with his maker!”


This is my first journey through the “100 Days of Anime” Challenge, an ambitious project that I’m currently taking. For a full list of prompts click here.

“Favourite male anime character?”

What is the most appealing trait of a character? An ability to relate? Competence? An intricate backstory that strengthens the hero’s resolve? Though these are well and done, there is one trait that I find lacking sadly in some anime.


Understandably, most anime shows are aimed at a younger audience and with the age range of most of our main characters commonly lying between 14 and 17. Which is why it’s nice to discover a character or protagonist that has that little bit of maturity about them to not get so flustered over every inch of exposed skin on the opposite gender.

And that is not all that Duo Maxwell has to offer throughout Gundam Wing.


By far Duo is the most human & sociable of the five Gundam Pilots in the series, on the exterior he seems like the happy, charming,  relaxed and laid back jokster, and for the most part he is, however he is also quite a complex person with a terrible childhood that he hardly ever talks about, even to those closest to him.

The thing is alot of people would think that Duo is quite immature with the way he acts and talks but if you look deeper he is alot more mature then he seems to be, being thrown into a world where he has to play a man’s game and fight a war in a Gundam, he had to grow up pretty fast and you do see some of this throughout the show.  

A relatable flaw that Duo has is how mentally messed up he is behind that smile due to the hardship he had to endure through out his childhood, from the death of a friend to the Maxwell Church massacre and the death of his adoptive parents. 


There are many other characters that can play the “calm, cool and collected” way better then Duo, (or be just as good as him), Duo will undoubtedly be one of my favourite male anime characters. But until somebody can trump him, Duo will remain at the top of my list.

Disagree with my answer? Who’s your favourite male character in anime and why?

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2 thoughts on “[3] And His Name Is Death.

  1. Kamina from Tengen Toppa Guren Lagann.
    I’d say more because of the impression he left onto me. His motto his passion and what he for me represented as a character, the whole idea behind it was so amazing! I did an analysis of it once to me he represents something everyone needs to do a little more. Let go of what we “think we know”. We see things as impossible simply because we gave something a word or an expectation.

    Kamina to me represents growth by being yourself.. and nothing else.. achieving by being you..not by what others want you to be not because of what the world tells you is and isn’t possible.. that is a major core of who I am myself and that is why the character resonates with me so well.


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