100 Days of Anime Challenge!

100 Days of constant content? No Problem! 


Seriously though, this will be one of my most ambitious projects. Though it does seem daunting, I am committed to seeing this through (which would be an amazing feat itself!). I am planning on gradually posting more content other then this challenge, so be sure to look out for my rants & reviews etc. in my usual style. I am so looking forward to answering a question/prompt to start me back off on my journey back into the anime fandom.

Though I will be strict with myself during these 100 Days, it may be inevitable that I may miss a day but if I do I just do a double post the next day (and then hang my head in shame for skipping a day).

Now onto the prompts!


Day [1] – What is the very first anime you watched? 

Day [2] – Favourite anime you’ve watched so far? 

Day [3] – Favourite male anime character ever? 

Day [4] – Favourite female anime character ever?

Day [5] – Anime you’re ashamed you enjoyed? 

Day [6] – Anime you want to see but haven’t yet? 

Day [7] – Name your anime crush.

Day [8] – Favourite anime couple?

Day [9] – Best anime villain?

Day [10] – Favourite fighting anime?

Day [11] – Favourite mech anime?

Day [12] – Saddest anime scene?

Day [13] –  Name an anime character you’re most similar to.

Day [14] – Saddest anime death?

Day [15] – Favourite animal sidekick, pet or summoning from any anime?

Day [16] – Name the anime with the best animations.

Day [17] – Favourite supporting male anime character?

Day [18] – Favourite supporting female anime character?

Day [19] – Most epic scene ever?

Day [20] – Anime character that gets on your nerves?

Day [21] – Favourite goofy anime character?

Day [22] – Favourite weapon, gear or armour used in an anime?

Day [23] – Favourite attack someone has used in an anime?

Day [24] – Moment that shocked you the most in any anime?

Day [25] – Name an anime that never gets old no matter how many times you’ve rewatched it.

Day [26] – Best anime fight scene?

Day [27] – Most badass scene from any anime character?

Day [28] – Name your favourite quote from any anime character.

Day [29] – Name an anime you wished was real.

Day [30] – Name an anime you wish never ended and continued on.

Day [31] – Favourite anime opening?

Day [32] – Which anime character would you want as a best friend?

Day [33] – Anime character you would like to cosplay as?

Day [34] – What anime character would be your workout buddy?

Day [35] – What crossover would you like to see?

Day [36] – Who was your first anime crush?

Day [37] –  Name an anime that changed you.

Day [38] – Yaoi or Yuri?

Day [39] – Favourite music in an anime?

Day [40] – Name your favourite voice actor or seiyuu?

Day [41] – Name an anime character you hate.

Day [42] – Most epic or shocking anime scene ever?

Day [43] – Favourite canon couple?

Day [44] – Who do you ship?

Day [45] – Name your favourite anime ED.

Day [46] –  Guys: What is your favourite shoujo? Girls: What is your favourite shonen? (Spoiler: I’m a girl!)

Day [47] – Name your favourite Tsundere.

Day [48] – Name your favourite harem/reverse-harem.

Day [49] – Sub or Dub?

Day [50] – Favourite Studio?

Day [51] – Share an experience where you were bullied for liking anime.

Day [52] – Name an anime character you wish you were like.

Day [53] – An anime scene that made you cry?

Day [54] – Recommend one anime that most people may not have seen.

Day [55] – Do you share your anime interests with anyone?

Day [56] – Name your favourite character.

Day [57] – What anime has your heart?

Day [58] – What’s your favourite hentai anime? (Er.. what?..come again?)

Day [59] – What’s your favourite yaoi anime?

Day [60] – Name a manga you want turned into an anime.

Day [61] – What current anime are you watching?

Day [62] – Favourite anime movie?

Day [63] – Favourite shounen series?

Day [64] – Favourite shoujo series?

Day [65] – A sports anime.

Day [66] –  A Slice of life anime.

Day [67] – A comedy anime.

Day [68] – Favourite anime duo.

Day [69] – An action/adventure anime.

Day [70] – A fantasy anime.

Day [71] –  A romance anime.

Day [72] – An overrated series.

Day [73] – An Underrated series.

Day [74] – Name the series that got you into anime.

Day [75] – Favourite friendship?

Day [76] – Favourite bromance?

Day [77] – Favourite rivalry?

Day [78] – Favourite team?

Day [79] – Favourite quote?

Day [80] – Favourite scene?

Day [81] – Favourite episode from an anime?

Day [82] – Most annoying anime character?

Day [83] – An ecchi picture from your favourite series.

Day [84] – Most recent anime wallpaper

Day [85] – Favourite shoujo anime

Day [86] – Best yandere character?

Day [87] – Favourite anime hero?

Day [88] – Favourite school uniform?

Day [89] – Name your favourite anime theme song.

Day [90] – Picture of a character in a swimsuit

Day [91] – Favourite attack a character has used?

Day [92] – Name your favourite anime with high school characters.

Day [93] – Hottest anime guy?

Day [94] – Favourite nendoroid?

Day [95] – Favourite manga?

Day [96] – Anime character frame in your room?

Day [97] – Name an anime character you want to see in a nightmare.

Day [98] – Name a male character dressed in the best kimono.

Day [99] – Female character’s best yukata?

Day [100] – Confess your love for an anime character.

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