[4] The Queen Of The World.

This one is a tough one as there are so many female characters out there that deserve their time in the spotlight from so many different Anime, so many options to choose from. Truthfully there are more options to choose from then the previous question!


This is my first journey through the “100 Days of Anime” Challenge, an ambitious project that I’m currently taking. For a full list of prompts click here.

“Favourite Female Anime Character”

I am going to stick with my heart and talk about Relena Peacecraft from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. I know I should choose a different female character from a different anime but Relena inspired me so much to better myself throughout my life.


There is so much about Relena that I admire, Her determination to do the right thing even when she doubts herself makes her really relatable.

Relena is a pretty strong female lead in Gundam Wing and really compliments the series, Her determination to lead the world and the colonies to a peaceful era without weaponry is something that pushes out a really strong and admirable message throughout Gundam Wing itself, She stands strong and pushes herself even when she is being used as a tool for peace through others.


I will admit that her character development throughout the series was quite interesting as you see her grow into her position and learning along the way rather then knowing what to do from the get go, Relena goes through alot but comes out stronger then what she was at the beginning of the series.


I could go on about how strong this lady is, she’s one female character that I truly feel inspired by.

Think you have a heroine even better than Relena Peacecraft? Who’s your favourite female character in anime?

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