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Today we will be diving into a new anime that I have picked up. Fena: Pirate Princess, is a pretty under appreciated anime that aired back in 2021 that I think should be given a little more attention! So strap in as we dive into the world of Samurai’s and Pirates!

Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 1.

The first episode opens up 10 years in the past before the events of the series. There’s a battle going on with alot of cannon and gun fire, stuff being burned and people possibly being killed. We then see a young boy put a young white haired girl into a boat, with a man (possibly her father) shouting something down to her as the boat was lowered into the ocean.

After the opening sequence, we are then brought up to the present day where we see the same white haired girl singing on a balcony, awaiting her fate to be married off to one of the many rich men in the small town.

We’re then introduced to another older brown haired girl named Angie and we then learn that the white haired girl’s name is Fena. (Angie seems to me to be on of the other girls that are working at a bar/brothel, with the way things are set up with Fena being married off, and the way the building is set up, it does seem like that to me.)

Angie then starts talking to Fena about her (Fena’s) arranged marriage, and Fena then confides in Angie about her many escape plans to get away from the marriage and the building in general, with most being shot down by Angie, then two guys enter the room and told her that it was time to meet the man she was getting married off to. She had one more plan in her back pocket, but that went south after passing the second floor of the tower.

When faking the stomach flu didn’t work, the two guys got upset and threw Fena up against a wall and told her that if she didn’t go through with the marriage, she’d be killed.

Suddenly two old men come colliding through a window and rescue Fena. Fena soon recognizes these two elderly chaps as Solomon and Otto; who happen to be men that were on her fathers ship 10 years prior!

The trio then got the hell out of the tower (and Fena away from the dick she was about to marry) and made their way East to where Otto said there was a boat waiting that they could get on and get away from the island, but unknown to the trio they were going the wrong way the whole time and got utterly lost!! (and that was hilarious!).

Towards the end of the episode (as most of the episode consisted of Otto and Solomon trying to find east but still ended up going west) Fena and Otto find themselves in a forest just outside the town, when they were ambushed by a group of men that were pursuing them, one of the pursuant then knocked Otto unconscious, while the others wanted to have a bit of “fun” with Fena.

Fena’s capture didn’t last long as each of the men were then slain by a by a mysterious figure wearing dark red samurai battle armor and carrying two katana blades that were both sheathed by his side.

Fena then thanked the Samurai but upon closer inspection, she seemed to recognize the man in the armor, something about him seemed familiar to her, then it hits her, Fena’s knight in shining red armor was actually the boy named Yukimaru, the one boy that she knew from childhood and the one that loaded her into the boat!

But before she could say her name, the samurai then “bonks” her on the head, knocking her unconscious, and when Fena laid out on the ground, Yukimaru told her that she was ‘chatty and annoying as ever’.

My Thoughts!

This episode really surprised me, I thought that this show was just going to be a write off for me but Fena; Pirate Princess really proved me wrong, from the opening sequence I was totally hooked!

It had its serious moments but also had a touch of comedy etched into it to lighten the mood, I mean Solomon and Otto just reminded me of the time when my own grandad got me and my siblings lost when he took us to London Zoo when I was 10 years old, I was just in stitches with the duo’s antics!

I am already loving Fena and Yukimaru so much and really hope that their relationship grows and blossoms into something new.

The animation is just flawless which is something to be expected from Production IG, no matter what anime I watch that Production IG throws out, the animation, the opening and endings are just amazing!

All in all this show just really was a great watch and I am eager to see what happens to Fena!

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3 thoughts on “Celeste’s Anime Corner! – Samurai and Pirates?!

  1. Yeah, this was such a fun anime and really has a nice different take on pirate anime. It’s definitely not like One Piece. Though I really like One Piece, I like a lot of variety too, so it’s good that it’s different!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Celestial Sparkles

      Def! I have been watching One Piece before picking up Fena as I wanted something different that I could blog about that has a similar setting and Fena really gave me that breath of fresh air and a nice break from Luffy & Co! XD
      Not that I hate One Piece, I love it, it’s just sooooo long! hahaha!

      Liked by 1 person

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