Wait! Has It really Been 5 Months!!!

Hello fellow Otaku’s and Welcome to How Anime Stuff Works!

Here is where we talk and review anything anime and manga related!

And welcome to all my current followers, I am so sorry that I have once again disappeared on all of you, but reality took it’s toll and I needed to sort out my life and mental state

Basically my previous place of employment wasn’t really fair on their employees and in my opinion discriminated against mental health so much, me and alot of my old work colleagues that suffered from mental health issues where forced to work on a basic 8 hour contract, and as such I had to leave and go job hunting once again. >.< (Something that I hate doing so much.)

It felt like I gave up most of my free time to just help them when they needed me too, and then having them shove it all back in my face!

Truthfully I didn’t feel like they gave a crap about me, ever since I opened up about my Anxiety and the Disassociation that my Anxiety causes me to have, they just gave me less and less hours over time due to that. They refused to train me completely so I didn’t know what the heck I was doing half the time, and whenever I brought up that I was completely under trained, my previous employer just put it down to my mental health.

They kept stating that due to my Anxiety I was too much of a risk to be placed on various stations in the building (like Bar, Reception and Kitchen) as they “assumed” that just by putting me on shift was too much of a risk factor for them to deal with.

Due to not having enough hours I was having less of a wage, which meant that I had to claim benefits again and jumping on any cover shifts that popped up out of the blue, just to make ends meet.

I just didn’t have much of a damn to give them, I felt overworked and under appreciated and really didn’t want to work for a company that in my opinion discriminates against mental health. It affected me mentally as I felt so worthless, like no matter what, people wouldn’t give a crap or understand my mental health issues, that and money worries takes a major toll aswell.

I ended spending alot of my spare time (that I did have) job hunting again, (which is something I hate doing alot!) and managed to find a more decent job with fixed hours, I mainly work early mornings now, which means more time to spend on my past times during the day!

And cause I have fixed hours it means I can now make ends meet, pay those damn bills and have some pocket money to spend on my small manga collection (and any anime merch!) (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

Basically I can go back to blogging once again, running this blog in the past really helped me as it felt like I was reaching out to people that also had a love for Anime and Manga like I do. Since I stopped I felt like I had no one to talk too and well I just stopped watching any Anime that I was watching, I just dropped them all, I very rarely had the time nor energy to watch anything at the time, and that wasn’t a good place to be in to be honest.

I still feel like I’m not in that good place just yet, not with my mental health, but I am hoping that my worries are put to rest for the time being so I can just get back to being my geeky self!

I hated having to abandon this blog and just put work first, it’s something that shouldn’t happen, yeah, we need to pay bills and all, but we all need to take good care of ourselves too, so we need to find that good balance between work and our social time.

Truthfully I haven’t had the energy nor time to even do anything positive, nor work on my self care at all, I just hope that with this small cleaning job, I’ll be able to work more on my mental state and just play catch up with this blog and my major back log of anime, manga and my massive TBR pile!(^v^)

I am hoping that all of you will stick with me and with this blog!

There is plenty to come! ❤

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