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So I finally have a few things that I can finally blog about now that I have had a small anime binge, and today I am going to finally talk about that one BIG anime that I have been dying to get back into once again!

Boku No Hero Academia is one of the many anime that I did start watching when it aired back in April 2016, but then suddenly stopped halfway into season one, it’s not because of lack of interest but due to the fact that life decided to do what it does best and be hard for me at the time. 2016 was a pretty tough year for me and alot of anime I did watch I just dropped due to that. I have been thinking about revisiting some of the anime I dropped and just watching them all over again and actually enjoy them and well, this episode was just EPIC!

Anyway lets dive into the review!

This post contains spoilers, is image and text heavy!!!!

Boku No Hero Academia Episode 1 – Izuku Midoriya: Origin Review!

In a world where 80% of the population have quirks (superpowers), a stage is set where Hero’s and Villains you see only in comics become reality. In this series you will find Izuku Midoriya, a quirkless young boy striving through life’s challenges to become the #1 Hero and is somewhat a huge fan of the world’s top heroes.

This episode opens with a little backstory behind two young boys ….erm…. friendship, (or is it rivalry?) that spans back to their childhood, as a young green haired boy stands up to a group of bullies. I gotta say that watching this opening scene, shows us the young boys courageous attitude that we will get to see throughout the series. The question here is what does the bullies mean by quirkless? It’s this question that is the focal point of this episode.

I love that young boy, even though he knew he was going to get hurt, stood up to the bullies and protected another young boy, he still puts his fists up and took the beating. He knows that the other kids are far stronger and that they have more of an advantage with their “quirks” but he still protected the crying boy behind him.

Fast forward to a couple of years later, we’re reintroduced to a 14 year old Midoriya Izuku, who has dreams of becoming the worlds #1 Hero and attending the prestigious U.A. Academy. We’re also introduced to the world of Super Hero’s, unique people with special abilities called Quirks.

Humans have developed superpowers and fight villains with the support of the government, In a way you could say that being a super hero is like a full time job. You’re properly thinking right now “Superheroes that’s been done before”!” And your right it has been done but have you seen the type of heroes that like to gain attention by showing of their strength or sex appeal? Probably not.

The next scene shows us Izuku at school and this is where we are introduced to Katsuki Bakugo and well he is still the same bully from their childhood.

If you recognize his face, then that’s probably because he is the same bully from the opening scene. And guess what? He is still a bully, and bullies Izuku constantly but with different followers this time. Why is he bullying Izuku?

It’s because Izuku is quirkless and is a ridicule by his classmates with bully boy at the front of course, he also calls Izuku, “Deku“, which means “someone who can’t achieve anything” in Japanese.

Bakugo wants to be the only one from his school that attends the prestigious U.A High, a school for the best of the best Hero’s. He constantly tells Izuku to forget about attending U.A. High as he’s quirkless.

Bakugou really needs to sort out his issues…

Izuku looks upto a top Hero that he has loved since childhood called, All Might. All Might really reminds me of Superman, a tall and well muscled guy with blond hair that smiles all the time. You can see that Izuku is a big fan of All Might’s due to him having posters of All Might in his room and an action figure on the hero.

When he was younger Izuku would rewatch the same video of All Might saving people in a disaster. He repeatedly told his mum that he wanted to grow up to be a hero like All Might. But he wasn’t able to as the doctors diagnosed him as quirkless. This devastates Izuku and his mum as he sat in his room rewatching the same All Might video while crying.

When Izuku turns to his mum and asks her if he could still be a hero, it was so heartbreaking to watch his mum apologize to him as she knew that he couldn’t be a hero. Izuku still had hope in his heart, despite the doctors telling him no.

The next day Izuku is almost taken over by a villain of slime! He was suddenly saved by the one and only All Might who was already in pursuit of the villain. All Might managed to blast the villain away with a punch called “Texas Smash!” (That kinda rivals Saitama’s punch from One Punch Man!) Izuku passes out and soon regains consciousness to see All Might Standing over him asking Izuku if he is alright.

The funny part of this was seeing Izuku morph into a total fanboy over realizing that it was All Might that saved him, and of course that awesome All Might pose as he showed Izuku that he caught the slime villian!!

All Might then tells Izuku that now that he is okay, he (All Might) will now go and hand the villain into the authorities. But Izuku has a question to ask him and ends up “tagging” along in the air! (Another priceless funny moment that had me in stitches!). All Might soon realizes this and drops down to land onto a nearby rooftop.

After they land on the rooftop, Izuku then proceeds to ask All Might that one important question; “Even if I don’t have a quirk, can I become a hero?” I loved that Izuku draws the courage to ask this question as it’s the one question that he needs an answer too, and who best to answer then he’s idol, All Might. The one hero that he has looked upto all his life and is meeting for the first time. Instead of just thanking All Might for saving him and leaving, he follows All Might and approaches All Might bravely.

The episode ends on this cliffhanger, will we get the answer? Will Izuku be able to become a hero without having a quirk? We shall see in the next episode!!!

My Thoughts!

Izuku is a timid and shy character shown throughout this episode and this scene just shows that Izuku can push pass that timidness and shyness when he needs too. I do enjoy some of his fanboy moments and find them quite cute, especially when he start taking notes on their abilities!

Izuku is proving to be a great character already with him gaining alot of character development throughout the first episode. It’s great that Izuku is different from most MC’s, what makes him more interesting and relatable is that he does have flaws and is not super strong at all. I adore that he is a smart character that is striving to be the hero that he wants to be and isn’t taking any shortcuts.

All Might is just so damn funny, it’s kinda hard to take him seriously!! But he is an interesting character and I would love to learn more about him! What’s the mystery behind All Might coughing up blood? Hope we find out in the next episode!

Bakugo is just so annoying and really needs to sort out his issues. I understand why Izuku gets picked on but why does Bakugo do it? What joy does bullying another person bring?

I was hoping that I would like Bakugo just as much as I like Izuku but with this episode I guess that would be hard to do.

This is a great introduction to the world of Boku no Hero Academia and I am looking forward to the next episodes!!

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