About My Disappearing Act?!

Hello my lovelies!

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I wasn’t planning on going on a long hiatus but life just got real busy for me out of the blue all of a sudden and blogging, along with my hobbies, just got pushed to the backburner for some time. I just haven’t had time to watch much anime so had no content to publish on here!! I doubt anyone would be that interested in me posting about my day to day life on here and that isn’t what How Anime Stuff Works is about!

Anyway things have now quietened down somewhat, I am pretty much busy at work still but not as much as I was before due to my manager employing a new cleaner, which means I do have sometime to pick up where I left off months ago on the blog, although my blogging will be somewhat sporadic and not be a daily thing sadly, not till I caught up with all the anime that I have been planning on finishing and starting and having some content to talk about! Haha!

I do have some posts that I am working on and am excited to share with you all soon, I am currently writing up a full series review for Tokyo Revengers (and yep I am so excited that season 2 was announced) and a couple of episode reviews for Horimiya, Fruits Basket, Boku no Hero Academia and Mo Dao Zu Shi, I also am doing a rewatch of some old classics like Cardcaptor Sakura, Escaflowne and Yu-gi-oh that I am planning on writing up. So alot will be going on soon, it will be a bit quiet till I finish the drafts and post them.

I will be glad to be back on track with my blog and quite excited to be back to blogging and sharing things with you guys again, it’s been a hectic time and I am so relieved that I finally have time to myself to pursue some of my hobbies again. Anyway till next time!

If you want to read more stuff from me then don’t be afraid to check out my blog to read my most recent stuff, or looking below for some more posts. Also if you want to support How Anime Stuff Works, please consider buying me a KOFI, you can even show your support by liking or sharing this page!!!

One thought on “About My Disappearing Act?!

  1. Hey! Glad your back! Yeah, life can get a little crazy sometimes and I think everyone understands that sometimes you have to take a step away from blogging until your life becomes less hectic. So, if you wanted to check out some new anime to get you up to speed with the anime blog-o-sphere Sabikui Bisco is a pretty good shonen anime, and everyone is talking about My Dress-up Darling.

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