Blog Catch Up: I’m Back!!!

Hello my lovelies!

I am so so sorry for the lack of content the past few weeks, life and all it’s complications has sort of caught up with me. My mental health has improved alot but has had a few knocks here and there, I had to concentrate on a few important things before coming back to blogging again.

I also had to recover from a pretty bad virus the past week and take sometime off work due to it and even though I have plenty of time to blog at the moment, I’ve been feeling pretty lethargic and congested so blogging was the last thing I could do, plus it’s pretty hard to read subs when I have a major migraine! Hahaha!

But my health is improving and everything is settling down again, I have had some energy to write up this quick and very short update today, I have a few WIP’s that I am going to go back and work on and hope that I have something posted sometime next week!

In the meantime I thought I’ll post atleast something just to let you all know that I am still alive!!

Anyway what have you all been upto lately? What Anime have you been watching???

2 thoughts on “Blog Catch Up: I’m Back!!!

  1. Welcome back! Good to hear you are doing better!
    I have mostly been doing more creative writing recently, I am trying to go into VTubing again AND I have been playing a bit of Runescape!
    I have been watching the So I am a Spider anime.. I watched the first half but now I am waiting for it to be completed to watch the rest of it!

    I look forward to see more post of you again!

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