Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You Episode 3 – “Sisters” Recap.

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It’s been awhile since I watched Tonikawa and today I’ll be talking about the third episode of the series, I will admit that I didn’t quite enjoy this episode as much as the previous episodes, which is a bit of a shame, but hey we can’t like everything we watch can we?!.

“The fact that you chose this girl and got married to her means that you have a responsibility to make her happy!”Kaname Arisugawa.

In the previous episode Tsukasa and Nasa managed to spend the night together for the first time. In this episode we see Nasa and Tsukasa attend the bath house together and get to meet some new faces, mainly the two sisters that own the bath house.

Continuing on from the last episode after they woke up, Tsukasa puts on an apron and starts making breakfast for her and Nasa, with Nasa being amazed by Tsukasa’s cookery skills and how cute she looks in an apron.

Nasa reveals to Tsukasa that in his bachelor life after he moved out and lived alone, he learned to make his own meals. And because he is so smart, he scientifically deduced that the perfect meal for him would be making hotpot everyday, that making a hotpot everyday would provide him with all the nutritional needs that he has to have. All he has to do is put everything to boil and that way he’ll get all the nutrients he needs and is efficient.

But today he has something different that was cooked by Tsukasa, he’s lifestyle will start to change now that they are living together and that starts with his breakfast. Tsukasa cooks up a delicious meal that Nasa very much enjoyed.

After breakfast Tsukasa enquires about the bathhouse that Nasa mentioned the previous day, Nasa gets all excited about this being one of those bathhouse episodes you see in an anime and plans to get a sneek peak at Tsukasa when she has a bath, in his excitement he suggests going to the bathhouse that very moment. On the way to the bathhouse they both pop to a local convenience store so Tsukasa can get some toiletries.

When they arrive at the bathhouse, Nasa and Tsukasa are greeted by Kaname, one of the bathhouse owners daughters and Nasa’s kouhai when she was in middle school. Kaname helps maintain the bathhouse with her sister, even before she and Nasa met through school. She gets very surprised when Nasa introduces Tsukasa as his wife and that they just got married the previous day. It’s something that Kaname wasn’t expecting and is pretty shocked over it as she thought that Nasa would be way into his 30’s before even going on a first date. As a wedding gift she lets them use the bathhouse free of charge but warns Nasa to not mention this to her sister.

Tsukasa goes ahead and starts using the bathhouse while Kaname holds Nasa back as he had some serious explaining to do, she is shocked to realise that there was no wedding ceremony, no ring and no formal proposal. To which Nasa says that a wedding ceremony is a waste of money nowadays, same with the ring and the proposal, those are inefficient, to which Kaname said something quite quotable; “The fact that you chose this girl and got married to her means that you have a responsibility to make her happy. And that’s not something that was decided by law, or something anyone will hold you accountable for. It’s something that you need to dedicate yourself too.”

Nasa got her point and even praised her for saying something very mature for her age. But he then admits that even without those, he’ll still make Tsukasa very happy. and that he’s determined to spend his life making her happy, his confidence is coming from the fact that he loves her so much. The last part he declared so loudly that Tsukasa heard him on her way out to fetch her toiletries that Nasa still had with him. Tsukasa gets a little embarrassed with this admission, though she does admit to Nasa that hearing him say that made her happy.

Kaname then lets Nasa use the bathhouse and his imagination is running wild about how a bathhouse episode works, he gets a shook though when he spots Kaname in the men’s section of the bathhouse, she says that she’s there to clean but then starts teasing Nasa by continuing to take her time cleaning leaving Nasa with no way out of the bath.

On the other side of the bathhouse, Tsukasa checks to see if the women’s section is vacant and even says aloud that she is relieved to be alone and be able to relax, but she soon realizes that she isn’t alone, there is one more person there, she is Aya, the eldest daughter of the bathhouse owner and Kaname’s eldest sister. Aya begins to apologize profusely about disturbing Tsukasa and that gives Tsukasa the impression that Aya is just a hapless shoujo type that is clumsy, always apologetic, panicky and clueless.

After they talked some more, Aya asks if Tsukasa is related to Nasa to which Tsukasa states that she is in some way related, but the conversation becomes a misunderstanding as Aya ends up assuming that Tsukasa is a relative of Nasa’s. It seems that Aya has a thing for Nasa, (maybe a long time crush or something). In the conversation she seems to think that Tsukasa is Nasa’s little sister!

The the night of the accident and the first time that Tsukasa and Nasa met comes into play with Nasa stating that he has married the girl but is sad as he is going to die. Turns out Nasa passed out in the bath because of Kaname’s antics, Tsukasa is there when he wakes up and says that she enjoys watching him sleep, that’s why she never woke him up, it’s then that Aya enters and Nasa introduces Tsukasa to her.

It turns out that Nasa and Aya were classmates in school and Nasa helped her and Kaname with the family’s bathhouse business when it was on the verge of bankruptcy. Because of his skills, smartness and being tech-savvy, Nasa was able to help bring the business back up and become more successful.

The interaction between Nasa and Aya makes Tsukasa a little jealous especially when she notices how pretty Aya is, on the journey home, Tsukasa mentions this to Nasa with it resulting in him talking about Aya non-stop, Nasa then noticed how the atmosphere has changed between him and Tsukasa. But coincidentally at that exact time they were passing a church where a wedding was taking place, Nasa then comes to the conclusion that it’s down to Tsukasa not being happy at all and that it may be because they never had a formal proposal, or a wedding ceremony or that she doesn’t even have a wedding ring.

Their conversation starts to lead to alot of misunderstandings with Nasa running off shouting he has alot of planning to do. They were both talking about entirely different things, with Nasa speaking about having a wedding ceremony and Tsukasa wanting him to just say that she is cute. With Nasa disappearing off into the distance, Tsukasa decides to just head back to their place, as she turns to walk the way home, a car appears, with a blond girl sitting inside calling Tsukasa “Nee-san!”

My Thoughts.

Okay I have to admit that this episode was kinda of boring for me, it just didn’t live up to the previous two episodes sadly, (but that may be because I am not a fan of bath house episodes at all.) there was quite alot of dialogue to get through too. It just seemed a bit slow for me, with the humor coming across as a bit lackluster. I hate being negative here but this is an episode that I just didn’t enjoy much sadly.

I did like that we got to meet some new faces today in Aya and Kaname and even with this mysterious blond girl that may be Tsukasa’s sister, and even though I loved how mature Kaname is for her age and totally agree with her on the whole with what she says to Nasa about making Tsukasa happy, I did find her a tiny bit annoying with her teasing,

Aya on the other hand is something that I hate in a anime character, she is pretty and kind but is also just a bit of a ditz that apologizes way to much. I don’t hate her entirely, I just hate that she just keeps on apologizing even though she doesn’t have too. I do feel a bit of sympathy for her though as she seems to have a bit of a long time crush on Nasa, so it may come across as a shock when she finds out just who Tsukasa is!

I am excited to find out if this mysterious blond girl is Tsukasa’s sister, and that we could find out a little bit more about who Tsukasa is, at the moment she’s a mystery, but by the looks of the car and the fact that this girl was being driven around personally makes me think that Tsukasa may come from a wealthy family.

And I think that’s a wrap for this recap, Sadly though there isn’t much more to say about this episode as not much happened in it, hopefully that will change in the next episode!!

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