The Blogger Recognition Award! (16/2/21)

Welcome, fellow otaku’s, to How Anime Stuff Works!

Today we have another tag post to do, I was tagged by the wonderful KiritoNaruKami, If you haven’t checked out Kirito’s blog then what are you waiting for!! Their blog is a breath of fresh air and just like me, Kirito is still finding their feet among the anime blogging community. it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one learning the ropes still, Truthfully there’s alot to learn and even with a couple of months under my belt I’m still figuring out which direction I want to take my blog towards. Anyway please feel free to pop over to Kirito’s blog and share some love! 🙂

Okay! Lets get on with the tag post!!

The Rules.

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and feature a link to their blog in your award post.
  2. Post the award banner somewhere on your blog.
  3. Share the reason why you started your blog.
  4. Share two pieces of advice that could benefit new bloggers.
  5. Nominate a maximum of fifteen other bloggers.
  6. Tell your nominees about your award post so they can participate!

Share the reason why you started your blog.

To explain why I started How Anime Stuff Works, I have to take a trip down memory lane, and way back to my first ever blog that I created a looooong time ago, Just a little warning, it’s quite lengthy!!!

From the age of ten I was an avid anime fan, I didn’t know it at the time as at that age I couldn’t tell the difference between a western cartoon and a Japanese animation. All I knew was that I loved them, I loved the fluidity of the animation and how in depth the plotline is. I would go on and on and on about the ones I loved to everyone I knew, especially my mum, even though she couldn’t understand why I loved watching something from a whole different country! 😅

Over time though me and my sisters taste’s changed and we drifted apart, I ended up losing most contacts with my friends from school and ended up with this huge emptiness in the pit of my stomach, I couldn’t really talk about anime to anyone as I had no-one to talk to at the time, I was also going through alot of family drama which kept playing on my mind, Anime and Manga became a escape point for me over time due to my mental health declining and the world around me falling apart, to shut out everything that was going on I would read alot of manga and watch a ton of anime as a way to escape the chaos. Eventually I started college and met my partner, who is a major anime fan, I was ecstatic to have someone I could talk to about the major thing I loved, anime, manga and well Japan in general!

We would watch the same stuff and talk for ages about it but that empty feeling came back as I only had him to talk to about everything, I discovered a small site know as Wix and started discovering alot of anime themed blogs, sites, I decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea to create a small blog to reach out to the anime community more and be a part of it, so I created Lixissly and for a time I did blog on there but ended up deleting most of them as I thought that I wasn’t that good as a blogger, I then stumbled across wordpress and literally recreated Lixissly on here. At the time I didn’t know why type of blog I wanted so Lixissly became a bit about everything. 😅 In the end after 2 years I just ended up closing it down due to having a family member stalking and bullying me on there and really give my self sometime to get over that bad experience and rethink about what type of blog I wanted, I kept to posting on tumblr and twitter and eventually I went with my gut and created How Anime Stuff Works from there, all I really want is to be a geek and nerd out about stuff but was afraid to do so.

Past experiences prevented me from being me, even now I am still a little hesitant to blog due to what happened on Lixissly but I am getting there and coming out of my shell more and more. Anime is my go to place, it has helped me through alot of tough times in life and tought me some major life lessons and with this blog I’m able to be that 33 year old geeky nerd that I am! ♡♡♡♡

Share two pieces of advice that could benefit new bloggers.

I feel like I am still learning as a blogger myself so I don’t know if my advice is worth giving but I try and do my very best, hopefully my advice will help someone.

#1 Try and be yourself!

Others in the blogging community want to get to know you through your blogs, always blog about what you want to blog about and not create a blog catered to someone else’s tastes. If others hate your content then it’s their decision to keep scrolling and not their decision to tell you what they want you to blog about. It’s okay to be you! This is a lesson I have learnt along the way with my past blogs, in the past I tried to hide who I am and came across as someone I am not, my blog wasn’t something that I wanted it to be and in the end I just ended up shutting it down and starting again.

#2 Use blogging as a way to escape!

I have alot of mental health issues and I always use blogging as a way to escape the bad days that I have at times. It gives me a voice and if I want to babble about some random nonsense or put out my thoughts that I have in my head then I do so. I have a more personal blog for that and even though I know that I haven’t blogged on it for a long time, knowing that it’s there when I need to talk about my mental heath or something is helping me each day, there are loads of people out there that use blogging as a way to escape or to just be themselves so it’s okay to just talk about random stuff in while and get all that junk cleared out of your head. If you’re having a bad day and want to get it out there then do so! Nothing is holding you back!



Pinkie’s Paradise

K At The Movies


Secluded Observations

Art of Anime

I may not have that much time to read alot of posts or discover alot of newer blogs but I do tend to pop on these from time to time. These blogs always have something going on and the blogger themselves are so nice! They are definitely worth your time if you want to check them out!

Well this post was a roller-coaster of emotions, it’s still something that I enjoyed very much. Blogging has become a escape point for me and has helped me gain some amount of confidence to use my voice and be vocal about who I am. I feel so so happy that I took a dive and started using this blog as a way to express my love about something that I am so passionate about, and I want to THANKYOU for following this tiny little blog and giving it a chance. I never knew that there would be anyone out there that would take an interest in my blog and I am hoping that you keep following me on my journey even more. 🙂

Thanks for reading! ♡♡♡♡

3 thoughts on “The Blogger Recognition Award! (16/2/21)

  1. Sorry to hear about your past experiences and your struggles, feel free to ever reach out if things seem dark or rough or whatever!

    I do like your tips ! Even if I rebranded to a semi VTuber like thing and no longer create content daily, I think I do stay myself! You seem to as well .

    Being a good blogger is always subjective dont be afraid to write, for example I like your Pink Pony in the Sunshine post a lot more than I like the Lord of The Ring books. I always think, even if I write a bad post I might still make someome feel good about themselves in a ” Hey I write better than that Pink Moth , there is hope afterall” kinda way.

    Any post I start goes up on the blog for that very reason and I rarely get boo’d. So if I can do it, so can you! US pink girls gotta stick together

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