Horimiya Episode Two “You Wear More Than One Face” Recap!

Welcome, fellow otaku’s, to How Anime Stuff Works and another recap of Horimiya.

I have to admit that this show has me hooked, will we see Hori and Miyamura confess their feelings at some point? I hope we do. 🙂 Anyway lets get on with the show!

What Is His First Name? – Hori, Yukari, Miyamura.

Episode two opens with a bit of a small time skip, it’s been a couple of months, Hori and Miyamura are still getting to know one another a little bit more, and while they don’t hang out in karaoke bars, they do take their domestic vibe beyond Hori’s home and go shopping together. During one of these trips, Hori revels that she carries a tune in her head and that her knowledge of music is based on what Souta is currently into and very current music that is around. This is something that Miyamura carries up on later.

We then get introduced to Hori’s mother, Yuriko, who spends some time with Hori and Souta due to having time away from work. Hori’s mum spends sometime questioning Hori about Miyamura who she is excited to meet, but despite being relatively close to Miyamura, Yuriko makes Hori realize that she doesn’t even know his first name. This starts to bother the heck out of Hori because she has Miyamura over her house often and doesn’t even know it! She then struggles to find out Miyamura’s name but ends up breaking down and just asking him. Which furthers the embarrassment as he reveals that he knows her name, but she didn’t know his.

Is It Blackmail Or Atonement? – Student Council, Miyamura, Hori.

Despite not being on the student council, Hori does alot of work for them. Why? Well it’s a mixture of blackmail and atonement. Sengoku and Hori have been friends since elementary school, and it turns out that Hori was a bit of a bully towards him, something that she regrets. When they both started high school, Sengoku threatens to ruin Hori’s reputation by revealing all that she has done to him in the past.

Apparently the threat was severe enough for Hori to do a massive amount of work for Sengoku and even his girlfriend, Ayasaki, both of them are student council members. Though while Sengoku seemed to have found his place, even without Hori’s help, Ayasaki on the other hand, is a little ditzy, and could be seen as a simple person. Especially, when she is delivering some reports, she ends up colliding with Miyamura and drops everything, and when Miyamura offers one back to her, she just tells him that she’s okay with him throwing it away as it’s not important.

Shockingly what she told Miyamura to throw away was the budget report!

With Ayasaki doing that, it does become an issue for her, something which she refuses to own upto. Instead, she is willing to watch Sengoku berate Hori for losing the budget report, which makes Hori a bit of an embarrassment in front of the other students. But luckily for Hori, Miyamura steps in and hands over the budgeting report , which he held onto after realizing what it is. Even headbutting Sengoku to put him back in his place in the process. Miyamura then states that Ayasaki is the one that messed up not Hori, which causes Sengoku to apologize to Hori and Ayasaki being embarrassed.

And just when you think that Miyamura couldn’t become a better friend, he gets Hori a greatest hits CD for her birthday, just so she knows what is current, and it is something that she wanted. Leading Hori to consider Miyamura’s presence in her life and leads her to question, just how long will it last for?

My Thoughts.

I am liking that this episode is split into two segments, one focusing on Hori’s and Miyamura’s relationship and the second focusing on Hori’s relationship with Sengoku. I totally adore Hori and Miyamura and the rapport that they have. I just love that they’re both still figuring things out even after a few months of being around one another.

Hori getting all worked up over not knowing Miyamura’s full name was so adorable, she seems to be the type of person that really wants to know everything about him, but also at times fret that things may end and she may lose him completely. We do get to see another side to Hori also with her working her hardest to do everything for the student council in a way to make amends with Sengoku. Though I think it’s wrong for Sengoku to treat Hori so badly even if she did tease him in the past.

Miyamura is that type of dude that is kind and will defend anyone close to him, he’s not the smartest or the athletic type but he is a good friend, at a time when Hori needed his help, he stepped up and defended her and even put Sengoku in his place in the process. I also think that Miyamura is pretty honest about things too. Though I do wonder with Hori questioning how long their friendship/relationship will last may tie to something happening in her past, maybe it could be linked to her father?

We do get to meet some more new characters, not only Sengoku and Ayasaki but also Sakura and Yuriko, I’m always upto the idea of new characters being introduced gradually throughout the anime as it makes the anime really interesting and keeps me hooked. But I have to say that the student council is a colorful bunch!

All in all, this episode was so relaxing to watch and has me wanting to know more, are there other characters? what happened to Hori’s father? It’s another lovely episode, I’m looking forward to more! 💗

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