Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You Episode 1 Recap.

So here we are with another new anime that I just randomly picked up and the first one to start the new year. I have been seeing Tonikawa pop up here and there lately, it popped up enough times to grab my interest and take that plunge back into anime once again, I mean nothing can go wrong with a nice cute romantic comedy right?!

This is a unusual story of a couple who had quite a strange meeting and ended up married, with a irreplaceable bond growing between them.

Tonikaku Kawaii or TONIKAWA: Over the Moon For You is a ComedyRomanceShounen.

The episode opens with a guy laying on snow covered ground with blood surrounding him, thinking that he is about to die.

This guy is Yuzuki Nasa. He was given the strange name Nasa by his parents at birth, because of it people always make fun of him ever since he was small. And so Nasa decides to excel at everything and be a great person, even greater than NASA themselves so that people will stop making fun of him. He works hard and strives to be the best.

When he was in middle school he was the top student with the goal of entering the top school. He’s on his way to reach his goal till one snowy night on his way home he spots a young pink haired girl that takes his breath away.

The girl is on the opposite side of the street. It’s love at first sight for Yuzuki Nasa. He wants to talk to her and know her name, in his excitement he starts crossing the street without realizing that a truck was fast approaching him and hits him head on.

Now we’re back at the first scene with him laying on the ground in his own blood. The cute pink haired girl is leaning over him, apparently she too also ran in front of the truck and took the brunt of the collision. Yuzuki survived the hit but was badly injured. Curiously the girl should be more injured then Yuzuki but she gets up, says she is fine and walks away.

Yuzuki thought that as the girl walks away she looks like Princess Kaguya from an old folks tale.

Yuzuki can’t stand the thought of not meeting her again, so despite his injuries and the protests of the truck driver, painstakingly follows her.

He manages to find her at a bus stop, she is surprised that he managed to follow her and ends up giving him her coat. She looks uninjured. Yuzuki tells her that she is really cute and that it’s love at first sight for him. He even admits that she is like Princess Kaguya.

In the story of Princess Kaguya, the bamboo cutter and the emperor did not fight for Princess Kaguya when she was taken back to the moon. But Yuzuki isn’t like that and wants to fight and takes his chance because he doesn’t like the idea of them not meeting again. He asks the mysterious girl to go out with him.

The girl seemed to be moved by this and states that if he wants to be together with her then they should get married. To which he immediately says yes too before passing out.

He wakes up sometime later in the spring in hospital. He was not able to take the school entrance exam, misses a year and takes a job in a local grocery store. The girl is nowhere to be found. Time passes where he just studies and rehabilitates. The next year he takes the school entrance exam and passes with a top score but doesn’t pursue continuing high school. He just gets a job and rents out a small apartment all the while thinking of the mysterious girl that he meet on that fateful night. Hoping that he will meet her again. Then he was 18 years old.

One night the doorbell rings, and upon answering Yuzuki meets the same cute pink haired girl again. She figured out where he is and he is shocked by this. She introduces herself as Tsukasa. And straight away Tsukasa starts discussing marriage registration with Yuzuki. Just like they agreed on that Fateful night, they’re going to get married. He eagerly signs the form even with doubts running through his mind about getting scammed.

On their way to submit the form, they have a nice discussion about Yuzuki’s name. Tsukasa states that his name Nasa is a great name which greatly touches Yuzuki. She also admits to liking the new ring to her name, Yuzuki Tsukasa, very much. They then submit the form and get a small plant as a wedding gift in return.

On the way home they end up holding hands and Yuzuki thinks This is a story of a couple who had quite a strange first meeting and ended up together, with a irreplaceable bond between them.

My Thoughts:

I started this show thinking that it looked just really cute, like the title, Tonikaku Kawaii, which means “just really cute.” It looks like a cute rom-com, a funny and light slice of life story.

It looks like this story will focus on Tsukasa’s and Yuzuki’s married life and bring us their journey through it. Tsukasa is very mysterious and you know she holds many secrets, I wonder what they are?

It also seems to hold a bit of a fantasy side, how did Tsukasa survive that collision without any serious injuries? Is Tuskasa a version of Princess Kaguya herself and one day needs to go back to somewhere. If that is so, then that will be sad for the both of them, especially if they both love each other by then.

Well for now, I am content with following them on their journey! Plus it’s a cute anime! ღღღღ

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