Time To Be Unpopular With The Unpopular Opinions Film and TV Tag! (East vs West Edition)

Hello my dear friends and welcome to another tag post! Today I am doing one particular tag that is a little out of my comfort zone, Pinkie from Pinkie’s Paradise covered this tag a little while ago and I just loved how she created two versions of this tag and spoke not only about TV shows but also Anime too, I just had to give this a try myself. I do feel a little guilty as I begged to be tagged and have taken awhile to actually get on and post this. 


If the title isn’t clear enough I’m probably going to say something in this post that not everyone will like or agree on, this is the entire purpose of the Unpopular Film and TV tag. I do respect other people’s opinions and I am not going to bash anyone’s fandom’s at all; I’m just going to answer some questions that is all.

If you don’t agree with my opinions that is fine, I am sure that you hate something that I like but that doesn’t give you a reason to act like a butt about something like this so please refrain from doing so.

I was gonna use Game of Thrones for this but I just don’t want to come across like I am being a bit of a copy cat. I will agree that to me GOT just went downhill after season 3 (I think..) I literally watched the entire series and it just lost it’s spark after awhile that I seemed to have gotten bored of it near the end.

West: Doom Patrol.

One series that I just cannot watch is Doom Patrol, I tried to watch the first season but to me it just doesn’t make any sense what so ever. The plot seems to be all over the place and the acting is kinda sub par, the comedic effect of the show just comes across as forced and loses the hilarity that the show tries to bring, I know that it has Brendam Fraser starring in it as Robotman but his character is pretty hateful as he come across as pretty obnoxious. I just don’t get why there’s alot of hype around it.

East: Pokemon.

For the Anime portion it has to be Pokemon. I did love this show once but sadly my love dwindled over the years. To me the show seems to get a tad repetitive, and seeing Ash at the eternal age of 10 years old is another thing that killed the show for me. I would have loved seeing Ash age during the series, learn, grow and mature into an adult but sadly that wasn’t to be and even though I just adore all the Pokemon, the repetitiveness of the show and the characters just being in that eternal age group just bothered me a bit too much.

Oh man it’s a toss up between two Disney Live Action films for this one. I loved both Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin live actions, I thoroughly enjoyed them alot. I think the one that gets alot of stick is Aladdin, mainly because of the way Will Smith portrayed the Genie and the way he looked when CGI was involved. Okay, I’ll admit that the CGI wasn’t that great and could have been done better but Will Smith himself really did a decent job as the Genie and deserves some credit. He isn’t Robin Williams but it was nice seeing him step up for the role and gave it his all.

West: Aladdin Live Action

I love Pom Poko and feel that it doesn’t get the love that it deserves. Yes it is kinda weird seeing a bunch of tanuki’s turn into humans just so they can walk among us but the subject behind the film does send a message that nature is always at war with us, that day by day alot of wildlife out there are losing their habitats in an ever expanding world. I loved seeing the message played upon a little while keeping the film positive, the tanuki’s were just so adorable to see!

East: Pom Poko

I chose to talk about Ragnar Lothbrok and Lagertha from the Vikings here, even though during season 1 they were married, it’s what happens to them in season 2 that really annoys me. Ragnar ends up having an affair with another woman named Aslaug which resulted in Aslaug being pregnant with his child, but it doesn’t end there does it, Aslaug turns up in Kattegat and literally steals Ragnar from Lagertha and also steals the title of Queen on top of it all. Lagertha ends up divorcing Ragnar due to him shaming her by having the affair. The thing is Aslaug was such a boring, uncaring person that didn’t give a crap about most of her sons nor Ragnar himself. I would have much preferred if Ragnar and Lagertha stayed together as their relationship felt more realistic. With Ragnar and Aslaug it felt so forced.

West: Ragnar and Lagertha (Vikings)

And then there’s Escaflowne’s love triangle, I just hated how during the show Allen was not only in a relationship with Millerna but also with Hitomi and that Millerna was betrothed to Dryden! It didn’t set a good example as to how a relationship should be like and for poor Dryden to be left heartbroken at the end just hit me in the feels. Truthfully I much prefer Millerna to be with Dryden then anything, but sadly it wasn’t meant to be. I just feel that it would be a wrong decision if Millerna went back to Allen, don’t get me wrong Allen is an awesome character but I think that Dryden would bring out the best in Millerna and that she would do the same to him.

East: Dryden and Millerna (Escaflowne)

The one genre that I can never watch is Horror. I just cannot stand it and think that the genre is a bit too gruesome. Some of the movies just don’t make sense at all, like they have so much scare factor shoved in them that the whole plot disappears and you’re just watching a film about some girl sitting in a bath tub shaving off her own flesh with a razor cause she has some plague/disease that isn’t explained clearly. Like how did she get that plague/disease? How is it affecting her? How is it spread around?….

The same thing can be said anime wise, I just hate any Horror or Thriller, I just cannot get into it much and most of the anime in that Genre don’t grab my attention much. I did try and watch Tokyo Ghoul but just got confused by the plot too much, I may try watching Tokyo Ghoul again but I don’t have it that high on my list.

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul.

Okay this one is a toughie as I don’t hate any characters, but only find them annoying at times so I’m going to go by that, I most probably may get aload of stick for this but I just find Barry Allen from CW’s The Flash a little annoying, it’s not that I dislike him completely but find that in each new season he just gets more and more depressed, now I would understand if Barry Allen was suffering from depression but it’s not hinted that he is or even shown in the series. I understand that he has alot on his plate but just wish that he also had some sort of positivity to him, like one episode where he is just having some fun and showing a smile. Just seeing him worrying about everything and feeling the strain of being the Flash every episode just gets to me in a way as realistically I am just like that, a worry wort, and I want to watch a show to escape from that side of me and not seeing alot of my anxieties in a certain character.

West: Barry Allen (CW’s The Flash)

I think alot of people must think of Kirito being the Gary-stu of anime and in away he is. Kirito from Sword Art Online just seems to be too good at the game and too overly powerful to me to even like. I do think that he is just a character driven up from lazy writing. From the episodes I have watched all I have seen from Kirito is him acting kinda obnoxious to the point where I just dropped the show completely. I just wished that Kirito was written alot better and had a less obnoxious personality, I love the way he looks but his personality is just awful!!

East: Kirito (Sword Art Online)

Legends of Tomorrow comes to mind with this, much like Doom Patrol I just got fed up of the forced comedy that was played on in the show. It tried to be a comedy when it wasn’t supposed to be and the comedy just felt so stale and flat. I watched Legends of Tomorrow till Season 4 (I think..) and just dropped it after that as I just lost interest in the show. The plot (much like Doom Patrol) felt like it was all over the place and not going anywhere, most of the newer characters felt bland and uninteresting and the acting came across a tad stale at times.

West: Legends of Tomorrow

Gundam Seed is the one series I cannot get into, Yes I watched the entire first season but refuse to watch Gundam Seed Destiny. I find Kira annoying, I hate incest and just cannot believe that was shoved in a series like Gundam Seed, The character designs are just awful, the characterization is god awful and every single character has a damn Gundam or mobile suit!! I felt like I wasted my time watching Seed, Sadly I just didn’t enjoy this anime.

East: Gundam Seed

I have no interest in watching any of the Bridget Jones movies, They just don’t interest me at all and seeing a woman having a relationship with multiple men at the same time rubs me the wrong way and her not knowing who the father is to her child is just wrong. the movies just send the wrong message and the message that they do send I cannot agree with which is why I will never watch them.

West: Bridget Jones.

One Piece is one anime that I won’t be watching, for one 4kids butchered the anime too much that is scarred my otaku soul to the point where I would rather scream into a pillow then sit through the anime again, the second is the length, holy marshmallows, is that series long…like 931 episodes at the time of writing this, There is no way that I can actually keep focused enough to watch them all, and thirdly is that I prefer the manga over the anime anyway. I rather read the manga then watch the anime as it would give me a challenge to focus on and I prefer to read over watching stuff all the time.

East: One Piece

As Pinkie mentioned Lord Of The Rings in her post, I will go with Harry Potter. I love the books and the movies but find that I prefer watching the movies over reading the novels. The whole reason is that I got into Harry Potter that way. My dad used to take me and my siblings to the cinema whenever a Harry Potter movie came out, I started getting the books as Christmas gifts from my Grandfather after he found out that I watched three of the movies but never read the books. To this day I always rewatch Harry Potter whenever it’s on the TV, I still have my books somewhere, I just need to find them.

West: Harry Potter

I think One Piece would have fitted here too but I’ll go with another Shounen favorite and that is Dragonball. I prefer the anime over the manga, truthfully I never even read the manga to any of the Dragonball series just watched the anime. Just like Harry Potter it’s the way I prefer to experience Dragonball and the way I got into the franchise. I get to experience the action and the comedy that is in Dragonball.

East: Dragonball Z

Now that I ruffled some feathers and made some people gasp in horror, I will hand over the reins. Remember these are just my own opinions, you don’t have to agree with them at all. I don’t mind having a discussion but only if you don’t turn it into a toxic one. I agree with Pinkie about this tag being super important and that it should help us train our tolerance towards things like this alot more. Anyway getting back on track, here are the nominations.

Do note that you don’t have to do for both TV, Movies and Anime you can choose to do one or the other.

I will nominate Mallow from Secluded Observations as I would love to see what their opinions are, Mallow’s dislikes are a mystery to me and I would love to know what they are.

Also Nabe from GEEKNABE I really love her topics and would love to see her take on this.

And lastly Wren from Wren’s Anime Room Just like Mallow and Nabe I would love to see what Wren’s dislikes are!

I’m going to steal a bit from Pinkie, if you would love to be nominated but would love to be just ask away in the comments and I will add you through the magic that I have learnt at Hogwarts. If you like my content then please consider buying me a Ko-Fi, I need my daily Caffeine fix!

5 thoughts on “Time To Be Unpopular With The Unpopular Opinions Film and TV Tag! (East vs West Edition)

    1. Celestial Sparkles

      I just think that Millerna and Dryden just seemed to click together, I have nothing against Allen just think that what he and Millerna have is just a fling in a way.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Nice list! I do disagree with the Aladdin one a lot though! I really hated that movie.
    I don’t mind CGI Will Smith that much but I do mind the added song of Jasmine that adds to nothing and doesn’t fit in the continuity, I really dislike how the footage of Prince Ali is very sped up and how the conclusion is not set in the hour glas versus the snake..but against giant Iago. It doesn’t hit the theme as well as the earlier one did. There is to much fluff like Genie’s romance with the handmaiden.
    I don’t mind it existing that much but to me it doesn’t add anything. Malificent for all it’s gripes does add something new (though I hated the sequel). In the end I am not a big fan of the live action remakes at all. Beauty and the Beast bothered me the least and Lion King the most. Mulan also bothers me a lot.. so I guess Aladdin is still among the better live action remakes.. but I still hate it 😛 Good for you that you love it though and power to you from getting positivity out of it.

    As far Kirito is concerned.. he is on so many lists! I hate him so much xD …. Like he is the only anime character that I hate with a passion for how bad he is. There are people like Yasuko from Bloom Into You who I hate.. for the person they are. ..for good reasons so I love that I hate them.. Kirito ..I would Thanos Snap .. if not so many people loved him as well.

    Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z are really better in anime too I think! Good call on that. There is something about beam struggles in live motion that Manga can’t convey.. or a certain sense of power. I am having fun with the Moro Arc in the manga.. but that is more because I am not sure what we will see when the Anime returns , they are vastly different anyway and it beats Super Dragon Ball Heroes!


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