[5] What Am I Ashamed Of?

As I dwell upon my own shame.


This is my first journey through the “100 Days of Anime” Challenge, an ambitious project that I’m currently taking. For a full list of prompts click here.

“Anime you’re ashamed to have enjoyed?”

This one is a tough one to answer, I will admit that most of the small selection of anime that I have watched has been quite good and I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them alot. 

Although there is a few that I did watch in secret that I seemed to have enjoyed that would fit the bill here, but the one I have chosen to talk about is Junjou Romantica. 


This anime is the anime that got me into the Yaoi/BL fandom!

I adore the plot, the hilarity it brings and the quirky animation. Junjou Romatica not only focuses on just Akihiko and Misaki’s relationship, it also focuses on the relationships between two other couples.


Junjou Egoist shows the passionate but complicated relationship between university professor Hiroki Kamijou (who’s life is at an all time low) and paediatrician Nowaki Kusama, who falls for Hiroki at first sight and would do anything to make him happy.


Junjou Terrorist shows just how obsessive love can become when rich eighteen year old Shinobu Takatsuki discovers something that he just cannot have, the literature professor You Miyagi.


It follows all three couples along their journey from finding one another and figuring out how to make each relationship work. It also shows them discovering alot about themselves and who they are and coming to terms with their sexuality. 

There is also the comedy moments that this light hearted anime brings. There has been times where I just cackled out loud with the antics that Akihiko and Misaki got up to! 


It’s thanks to Junjou Romantica that I have learnt alot about myself and came to terms with my own sexuality. 

Would I recommend this anime to anyone? Yes I would but it depends on that persons tastes. Anyway is there an anime that you are ashamed that you enjoyed? 

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6 thoughts on “[5] What Am I Ashamed Of?

  1. I don’t think you should be ashamed of enjoying JR. I mean, why would one be ashamed of what one like, right? I love JR a lot. It wasn’t my gateway to BL but it was one of my earlier ones I watched.

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    1. Celestial Sparkles

      I guess at the time when I first watched JR, I was a little bit embarrassed, mainly because it was my first foray into the world of BL and Yaoi. It’s alot different now though as I can watch alot of BL, Yaoi and Yuri without worrying about people thing that I am weird! 🙂

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      1. I can relate. It is kind of “forbidden” and some people find it strange. I write fan fiction and for a long time I was ashamed of it. Not because it was fan fiction but because it was about real people. That is the lowest form of ff and even people within the ff writing community tend to look down on you if you write that so I was ashamed of that for a very long while and kept quiet for years outside our small fandom. I don’t like feeling ashamed so then I decided to not be like that again.


      2. Celestial Sparkles

        I can relate a little bit, I never wrote about actual people but I did write an old fan fiction on Sailor Moon that I got alot of stick for withing the SM fandom, one person got so annoyed with me writing it but that was because she wanted me to shove her own OC in there as the main character of the story, and all because I never did she started to harass me to no end that I just gave up writing fan fiction altogether, there always a dark side to ff and any fandoms, even Archive Of Our Own has a dark side to it!

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  2. I would not say I am ashamed of anime I enjoyed I dont like Lewd stuff nor am I a very strong believer in taboo! I will admit that I never really talk about liking Bananya though X’D. It just cheers me up when to see something super silly and cute at times though!

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    1. Celestial Sparkles

      I need to check out Bananya! It seems so silly but in a cute way! I don’t mind lewd stuff aslong as it’s not overdone but I will never watch hentai…Taboo stuff is touch and go with me, it just depend on how well played out it is.

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