The Anime Journal – Issue 1.

I thought that this would be a fun little segment to start of with on my new blog! I’m thinking of doing this every week on a certain day, but realistically it depends on my schedule. So what I am going to do is post an issue when I feel like it is worthy to be posted or when I am free to do so. What this segment is, is a place where I will bring you news in the anime and mange industry. I will talk about upcoming anime and manga articles that I’ve found interesting, I may even talk to other bloggers, artists and more here depending on how well this blog is received! I would love to also hear what you think of this segment and blog! One that happy little note lets get issue 1 started!!!

MasterAni Has Finally Close It’s Doors!


Sadly the free streaming site MasterAni has shut down, alot of the links to the anime listed there have been removed, On the the front page there’s a message left by the admins…

” : ( Goodbye.

It’s finally time for us to use the cliche saying “All good things must come to an end”.
But due to certain circumstances we’ll be closing down a part of and remove any video links to anime on our website.

We realise that we have built and have an amazing community because of the entertainment that we have in common called anime, so we’ll keep the discussions open so that you can give proper goodbye’s to your fellow fans.

Thank you – Feel free to join our discord

Our one and only domain is any other site/app is pretending to be us, just be aware.”

As of today there isn’t any reason as to why MasterAni shut down but my guess is that it has something to do with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Alot of Anime fans have been left wondering where to go to stream their favourite anime without paying a hefty subscription fee, well fear not there are other free streaming sites out there and in today’s issue we’ll be looking into two that I use alot.


First up is, You can stream your anime online in high quality, watch anime online dubbed or subbed. You can watch anime here without paying or registering!

2019-03-17 (1)2019-03-17 (2)2019-03-17 (3)2019-03-17 (5)

The scrolling on here is smooth, but beware even though there is no ads they do appear when you click on the video in a separate tab!

The bonuses here is that you can change the font to English titles or Japanese Titles and even change the theme from dark to light!

2019-03-17 (6)

2019-03-17 (7)

You can even search by Genre, Newest, Last Update, Ongoing, Types and even by Schedule!

Unfortunately 9Anime doesn’t really work well on Phones or Tablets, All I get is a black square box where the player is supposed to be and no play button, also the ads that pop up when you click are a nightmare to close especially when they’re forcing the notification option to be enabled on your phone! (just thought I give you a heads up about this)

All in all 9Anime is more suited for PC/Laptop use rather the phones and tablets, just make sure you have a good adblocker enabled.


Next is just like 9Anime you can stream anime in high quality, the only issue is that most anime on here is subbed only (well it be an issue for anyone that prefers dubs), Again it’s has the option of you opting out of registering to watch anime but the option is there if you do wish to sign up! There is also a nice little chat feature on the front page which is nice.

2019-03-17 (16).png

I do love the fact then when you use the search function this happens..

2019-03-17 (17).png

Quite a new little feature there, also if you have a closer look you’ll notice that you can go straight to the newest episode to One Piece!

There’s not much else to say about AnimeXD besides the normal categories: Ongoing Anime, Summer 2019, Anime List, Browse by Genre, Advanced Search, Latest Episodes, Latest Anime, and Popular Anime.

2019-03-17 (21).png

After signing up you do have similar options that MasterAni had, You have your own profile, Latest Watched Episodes, and can join in with discussions on recent episodes on the forums. 

Anime XD is also suitable for Tablets and Phones and works well with the Safari web browser on most Ipads. Another plus for AnimeXD is that there are hardly any ads on the site and hardly any pop up when you use the player provided.

I hope this small article helps you.

Until Next Time!


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